A Guy With A Script

Glad you’ve landed on this page!

This is one more blog site for everyone adequate for sharing general post with different topic. However, I’m wishing to take a little twist with my blog site.


Initially, here is a short intro of myself, your simple blog writer. My name Sparc P. a blog writer whose favorite number is 16. Would you like to know why I like number 16? Well, 16 always give me luck. That’s it! I’ll have a short biography about me uploaded on an about page quickly for anybody that wants additional information about me or, probably, merely you just need some reading materials to aid you sleep.

I’ve invested five years working in book publishing. It’s one of those things that I can’t get in my blood. For now, I wanted to focus on blogging. I have a bunch of various other occupation credit ratings and participation, however these are the main points that specify my career.