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Oral Thrush Home Remedies: Natural Cures for a White Tongue

Thrush is a white coating or several white lesions that appear on the tongue, and sometimes in other places in the mouth, because of the growth of a yeast called candida. A number of home remedies may help to eliminate or reduce oral thrush symptoms. These all involve natural ingredients or processes, helping sufferers to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals and medications. Consult a physician if thrush symptoms worsen or fail to improve within a few days of treatment.

Avoid All Sugar

Candida feeds on sugar; for this reason, a temporary diet change can starve the thrush-causing yeast. Eliminating as much sugar as possible from the diet will help reduce or even eliminate thrush symptoms (1). Sugary candies and other sweets should especially be avoided. As with any organism, without any food, the yeasty candida cannot sustain itself and must eventually die.

Salt Water Solution

Add a half teaspoon salt to one cup of warm water and stir until the salt crystals are mostly dissolved. Swish the mixture around in the mouth and gargle if desired. Spit the solution out after use. Repeat this process every two to three hours until all of the salt water solution has been used. This salty solution helps thrush because excess salt can contribute to dehydration, removing liquid from the candida yeast that is necessary for it to thrive.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural source of caprylic acid, believed by some to be a candida fighter. Swish anywhere from half to one tablespoon coconut oil around in the mouth for five to 20 minutes. Coconut oil can be semi-solid when first put into the mouth, so be sure to let it melt on the tongue before swishing.


Acidophilus is a probiotic found in most yogurt and some milk that fights candida. Look for milk and yogurt with added acidophilus and consume one or two servings of these substances each day. Swish the milk around or hold yogurt in the mouth for around 30 second per bite or drink to increase the length of contact time that acidophilus has with the tongue.

Dental Hygiene

Brushing at least twice a day and flossing every day can help improve oral health in general. Creating and maintaining a clean oral environment can aid in eliminating oral thrush and help prevent it from developing in the future. Many other oral and dental maladies can also be prevented through good dental and oral hygiene.